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24 Ways to survive a Dutch Advent (15): No three in a row Sudoku

(Published on 15. December 2012, 00:00 by Eisbär)

Richard and I have created an advent sudoku calendar with 24 sudoku variants that have not appeared in the portal yet (as far as we know). Today’s variant is a...

No three in a row Sudoku
Place the digits from 1 to 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block.
In this puzzle there is a restriction on the number of odd/even neighbouring digits. The maximum number of neighbouring odd digits as well as the maximum number of neighbouring even digits in any row or column is two.

Solution code: Row 8, followed by column 6.

Last changed on on 16. December 2012, 11:09

Solved by Luigi, deu, ch1983, Richard, zorant, zuzanina, MiR, Fred76, Thomster, pin7guin, Ute2, sloffie, flaemmchen, rimodech, CHalb, saskia-daniela, pokerke, Hansjo, martin1456, derwolf23, moss, RALehrer, ... Joe Average, skypper, azalozni, yusaku, gsabanci, Oskama, rcg, Matt, Julianl, Kwaka, marsigel, Marian, bob, qw014052, cdwg2000, kishy72, Ours brun, Greg, bbutrosghali, panthchesh, EKBM, geronimo92
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on 10. February 2021, 10:30 by bbutrosghali

on 15. December 2012, 10:49 by Eisbär
Hahaha genennt eine "Double E" :-)))

on 15. December 2012, 10:40 by Luigi
Es muss ja schließlich einen Nachfolger für die L.E.´s geben.... ;-)))

Last changed on 15. December 2012, 09:29

on 15. December 2012, 09:29 by Eisbär
Entschuldigung für meine Fehler ins Code!
Hatte es dreimal kontroliert... aber hatte mein erstes (fehlerhaftes) Gitter angewendet statt mein zweites (korrektes) Gitter...

on 15. December 2012, 09:22 by Eisbär
Typo-Fehler in Lösungscode korrigiert! Danke Luigi, Fred, Ute!

on 15. December 2012, 01:07 by Fred76
I think I've the correct solution.
But it says to me that the solution code I entered is wrong...

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