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24 Ways to survive a Dutch Advent (18): Greater than Consecutive Sudoku

(Published on 18. December 2012, 00:00 by Richard)

Eisbär and I have created an advent sudoku calendar with 24 sudoku variants that have not appeared in the portal yet (as far as we know). Today’s variant is a...

Greater than consecutive Sudoku
Place the digits from 1 to 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block.
A greater than sign indicates that the two digits on both sides of the sign are consecutive. Digits must be placed in accordance with the signs. All possible signs are given.

Inspiration for this puzzle comes from May LMI sudoku test.

Solution code: Row 7, followed by column 5.

Last changed on on 6. December 2021, 19:44

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Last changed on 9. December 2021, 15:53

on 8. December 2021, 20:21 by Richard
@nseydel: thanks! I do my best... :-)

on 6. December 2021, 20:56 by nseydel
Once I got my head around the instructions (thanks a lot for your extremely fast reaction), I very much enjoyed the puzzle, especially the break-in, but also the solution path. Your puzzles rock!

on 6. December 2021, 19:44 by Richard
Refreshed the English instructions. Thanks to nseydel for bringing this up and to Christoph for further clarification (to me). Incredible; this variant was also in WSC2019 with exactly the same instructions. :-)

on 6. December 2021, 19:36 by Realshaggy
It's really strange for such an old puzzle with 100+ solvers, but I think the comment is correct. There is nothing that says that given inequality signs have to have a difference of 1. Maybe something closer to the german version would be better.

Last changed on 6. December 2021, 19:07

on 6. December 2021, 18:10 by nseydel
The English rules are not sufficient: greater signs are ALWAYS between consecutive digits (in addition to the negative constraint), which can be deduced from the German rules.
Reply: can you clarify your comment?
The English instructions start with saying 'in all cases'...
In don't know what to add to the instructions to make this more clear, but I am not a native English speaker, so I might miss something here...

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