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24 Ways to survive a Dutch Advent (14): Outside Twin Killer

(Published on 14. December 2012, 00:00 by Richard)

Eisbär and I have created an advent sudoku calendar with 24 sudoku variants that have not appeared in the portal yet (as far as we know). Today’s variant is a...

Outside Twin Killer Sudoku
Place the digits from 1 to 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block of both grids.
Replace the question marks in each dotted outlined area with a number that is written on the left of the corresponding row. After that, the small numbers in the dotted outlined areas are the sum of the digits in that area. Within a dotted outlined area all digits must be different. Both grids have the same solution.

Solution code: Row 2, followed by column 3.

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on 27. December 2013, 15:21 by Rollo

on 14. December 2012, 20:07 by ildiko
Mein Lieblings-Lieblings-Sudoku: Killer und dann auch noch Twin. Danke. Das ist eine ganz tolle Serie.

on 14. December 2012, 16:38 by flaemmchen
Ganz toll :-))

on 14. December 2012, 14:22 by ibag
Great fun!

on 14. December 2012, 13:28 by Saskia
WUNDERSCHÖN - na dann los ...

on 14. December 2012, 09:48 by pin7guin
Wieder ein wunderschöner Richard-Killer. Vielen Dank! Und: gerne mehr davon!

on 14. December 2012, 08:47 by Luigi
Sehr schönes Rätsel, flüssig zu lösen, Ein schmackhafter "Müsliriegel" zum Frühstück!

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