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24 Ways to survive a Dutch Advent (7): Treasure Hunt Sudoku

(Published on 7. December 2012, 00:00 by Eisbär)

Richard and I have created an advent sudoku calendar with 24 sudoku variants that have not appeared in the portal yet (as far as we know). Today’s variant is a...

Treasure Hunt Sudoku
Place the digits from 1 to 9 in every row, column and boldly outlined irregular area.
A digit in a circle tells the number of treasures in all the cells directly around it. A treasure is a digit that is higher than the digit in the circle.

Solution code: Row 5, followed by column 5.

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on 13. February 2021, 00:15 by bronsonlewis
When you say "cells directly around it" do you mean only the orthogonal cells or the cells that are touching it diagonally as well? Thanks!

EDIT: Ok it's almost 7 months ago you asked this question... :-))) but it's the eight cells around it. So it's the orthogonal cells and the diagonal as well!

on 9. December 2012, 00:48 by pin7guin
Klasse Rätsel! Es ging Schritt für Schritt logisch durch wie durch weiche Butter. Danke, Arvid und Richard!!!

on 7. December 2012, 21:03 by Danielle
Ich brauchte ein paar Anläufe, weil es doch neue Denkmuster erforderte, aber dann war es ganz witzig.

on 7. December 2012, 16:45 by cornuto
Tolle Variante. Hat mir super gefallen.

on 7. December 2012, 12:03 by flaemmchen
Da hatte ich doch eine kleine "Denk-Blockade" ;-)) Danke!
Erstaunlich was für neue Varianten Euch eingefallen sind. Freue mich schon auf die nächsten!

on 7. December 2012, 10:39 by CHalb

on 7. December 2012, 10:21 by flaemmchen
Bedeutet "direkt um sie herum" auch diagonal, also max. 8 Ziffern?

on 7. December 2012, 10:14 by Eisbär
Danke danke danke Luigi! :-D

on 7. December 2012, 08:23 by Luigi
Das war mal ein Sudoku, dass mir richtig Spaß gemacht hat! Danke sehr!!

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