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Around the Border

(Eingestellt am 2. Januar 2022, 20:20 Uhr von Bertel)


  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Digits in cages must sum to the number in the top left corner. Digits may not repeat within a cage.
  • Digits along the indicated diagonal must sum to the given total. Digits may repeat.
  • A cell with arrows pointing inwards is smaller than all orthogonally adjacent cells.

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Lösungscode: The 9 digits in row 2.

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am 12. Juli 2022, 14:15 Uhr von josemadre
Clever, simple, primo stuff

am 5. Januar 2022, 11:35 Uhr von ForzaFcu
Amazing! very fun to solve this one

am 3. Januar 2022, 16:05 Uhr von rhodri
This was fabulous! Thank you!

am 2. Januar 2022, 20:56 Uhr von Mad-Tyas
Fun solve!

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