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(Eingestellt am 20. Mai 2021, 15:23 Uhr von Kafkapharnaum)

My first puzzle to get a rating, and a good one too -- thanks a lot everybody! :D

- Normal sudoku rules apply
- Digits along arrows must sum to the number in the circle
- Bold lines are palindromes and thus must read the same in either direction
- Cells connected by a V must sum up to 5; cells connected by an X must sum up to 10 (no negative constraint -- ie, not all X's and V's are given)

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Lösungscode: Row 3, column 8

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am 11. September 2021, 01:51 Uhr von uvo_mod
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am 9. Juni 2021, 16:00 Uhr von Phistomefel
Very nice one! Thank you, Kafkapharnaum!
Thank you so much! I'm truly honoured to see your name in the list of solvers of not one, but two of my puzzles! :D Always such a treat to see your puzzles being solved on CTC!

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am 31. Mai 2021, 23:17 Uhr von Krokant
The arrows and VX combine rather nicely. That was a very enjoyable solve. :)
Thank you very much for solving and for your nice comment!

am 28. Mai 2021, 06:34 Uhr von BMEP
That's so good! It was hard, but it wasn't in any way frustrating... I don't normally solve hard puzzles, but i'm glad I got this one... really liked it! Thanks! :)

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am 22. Mai 2021, 20:55 Uhr von filuta
Thank you so much for this puzzle I really enjoyed the combination of arrows and XV (and palindromes too), which created quite beautiful interplay between arithmetic and geometry. Really inspirational.

Also big congrats for the first rated puzzle. And
also good that you started with the lower difficulty, otherwise I would probably give up instead of solving my first four star puzzle (although I ultimately voted 3 stars in the and).
Thank you so much for solving, for the kind words and the support! By the way I haven't forgotten about your 'Obvious Killer' and I still intend on getting back to it at some point. I'd just been inactive on the site for a little while but now I'm back and I'll solve that puzle yet lol!

filuta: happy to hear that.

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am 22. Mai 2021, 13:43 Uhr von Vyse
Difficulty is now at four stars :D

Unfortunately, I still don't know the complete logical path to the solution, because I ended up making a mistake that left me with only one other option. I was aware that using this knowledge was essentially bifurcation, but after two days of trying to solve this puzzle, I just went with it. :(
Yes, clearly I've grossly underestimated the difficulty of this puzzle (I blame the V clues!), my apologies to you and other solvers who got something entirely different from what they were expecting, and many thanks for sticking it out!
The trick is to use colouring on the pairs at the end; it'll help get the last few pairs and eventually disambiguate them. Ultimately you still did it though, just without colours hehe, so congrats! :)

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am 20. Mai 2021, 20:30 Uhr von jorgenunez
Amazing! It was really hard for me, but I've solved it. Thanks!
Thank you for solving and for the kind words! And yes, it seems to be a recurrent thing here that setters underestimate the difficulty of their puzzles... Hopefully it'll get rated appropriately and you'll get full credit for your efforts! :-)
I'm not exactly a fast solver, so perhaps 2 stars is the right difficulty and I'm just not good enough. But I'm still happy that I was able to solve this.
There you go, 3 stars, you were right! So thanks all the more for solving!
Good to know. Either way, it was a very good puzzle.

am 20. Mai 2021, 16:22 Uhr von Kafkapharnaum
(Added 'no negative constraint' precision -- thanks SKORP17!)

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am 20. Mai 2021, 16:03 Uhr von SKORP17
sind alle XV gegeben (negative construct?)
No negative construct, sorry! There's some colouring needed though ;-)
(Google translate: Kein negatives construkt, sorry! Es sind allerdings einige Farben erforderlich ;-))

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