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Yajisan-Kazusan Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 1. September 2020, 07:03 Uhr von shye)

normal sudoku rules apply

shade some cells black such that no black cells touch orthogonally, and all unshaded cells form a continuous region. the number in an arrow tells the number of shaded cells seen in that direction, however if a cell with an arrow is shaded black, it doesnt give any information on the amount of shaded cells it sees

example 6x6 grid:


when in surface mode for shading black/grey, right-clicking will give green which will help mark unshaded cells

Lösungscode: all the digits in the black cells of the grid, reading left to right, top to bottom

the solution code for the example 6x6 grid would be 5635664554

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am 12. September 2020, 11:18 Uhr von MartinR
Enjoyable solve, liked the break in.

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