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The Labyrinth's Hidden Snake

(Eingestellt am 30. Juni 2020, 08:49 Uhr von shye)

this is a variant on a puzzle type i've come up with myself called "Labyrinth" puzzles, they're quite simple to understand and not too difficult to solve, below is an example of how it works
each row and column is divided into regions of size X, the numbers 1 to X need to be placed exactly once in every region

as fun as these are to solve, i've had a tough time making difficult ones with just the standard ruleset, so here's a snake logic variant that takes a little more head scratching
normal labyrinth rules apply. a snake (series of orthogonally adjacent cells) must be drawn into the grid such that it passes through every 1, and avoids every 5. the snake must not touch itself orthogonally, and it has a distinct head and tail that need to be discovered. the snake is able to pass through a wall in the grid, only if the two numbers on either side of the wall are the same digit, otherwise, it could not pass through a wall

penpa link for solving: https://tinyurl.com/y9fjsofz

Lösungscode: the layout of the snake is needed for the solution, mark all snake tiles with an X and all non-snake tiles with an O, then simply write out all 5 rows in order and place a / between each row

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am 8. Juli 2020, 13:29 Uhr von jessica6
The last time I encountered things passing through walls was in the "Gespensterschloss" adventure on CrocoPuzzle. There were ghosts which could pass though walls.
The funny thing was, those ghosts could only pass through walls, but not through walls having a hole.

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