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DocLogic's 4x6x6 Kombi Experiment Nr. 2

(Published on 24. May 2020, 01:08 by DocLogic)

After the very positive feedback to my first 4x6x6-experiment here's the follow-up. 4 puzzles are to be solved: a Brick Wall, a Chaos-Sudoku, a Consecutive and a Sumscraper puzzle.

One of the puzzles can be solved without the help of the others. In every puzzle are 2 colored fields. In fields with the same color are the same numbers.

Standard rules apply (so don't read on if you know them).

Brick Wall: In every row and every column are the figures from 1 - 6 once each. In every brick is one odd number and one even number. The half-bricks on the left and right side of every second row form a complete brick together.

Chaos-Sudoku: In every row, every column and every separated area are the figures from 1 - 6 once each.

Consecutive: In every row and every column are the figures from 1 - 6 once each. Two fields which are linked by a thick green border contain two neighbor figures (e.g. 4/5 or 3/2). Fields which are not linked with a green border do not contain neighbor figures in any case.

Sumscrapers: The goal is to place a skyscraper in each square, with a height between 1 and 6, so that no two skyscrapers in a row or column have the same number of floors. The clues along the four sides of the grid tell you the sum of the visible skyscrapers in the corresponding row or column (e.g. "12" could be 1 + 5 + 6. The 2, 3 and 4 would then be "hidden" behind the 5 or 6)

Solution code: the third row of each puzzle from left to right

Last changed on on 31. May 2020, 15:36

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on 26. May 2020, 22:37 by DocLogic
@Realshaggy: I'm not sure if it is "rude", but I accept your opinion. In fact, bob commented on the only aspect that I had doubts about when publishing the puzzle: the difficulty and solving path of the Sumscraper. I know there are several much harder puzzles in this great portal, but I wanted this compilation to be enjoyable "for everyone". So... lessons learned: I will not adjust other puzzles in the future (and have not done it in the past).

Last changed on 26. May 2020, 22:21

on 26. May 2020, 22:20 by Realshaggy
Sorry if I start a discussion here, but in my opinion, changing puzzles significantly after 2 days, 20 solvers and no obvious problems (ambiguity or no solution) based on a single comment is rude to the many people who solved the harder version and those who were still planing to solve the original version. Also their votings may no longer be valid. (Luckily I already printed it, so at least I know, what clue got added.)

Last changed on 26. May 2020, 17:37

on 26. May 2020, 17:36 by DocLogic
@bob: I agree that the Sumscraper is very tricky. To keep the complete puzzle on the desired difficulty level, I just added one figure in the puzzle picture. Hope you can enjoy the rest of the puzzle now :-)

on 25. May 2020, 23:45 by bob
Started out fun but I agree the sumscraper puzzle is very difficult--I cannot solve it, even with hours of T&E.

on 24. May 2020, 16:08 by ManuH
Kleines Mistviech, das rechte untere Rätsel! :)

on 24. May 2020, 14:31 by marcmees
hope there's more where that came from. Nice.

on 24. May 2020, 13:57 by flaemmchen
Wieder sehr schön :-))

on 24. May 2020, 13:09 by Puzzle_Maestro

on 24. May 2020, 02:06 by zhergan
Very nice! Thanks..

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