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50. Portalrätsel: Pentominous

(Published on 13. June 2019, 20:45 by JonaS2010)

This is my 50th puzzle in the Portal :)

Rules: Divide the grid into pentominoes (five-cell regions) so that no two pentominoes of the same shape (including rotations/reflections) share an edge. A cell with a letter in it must be part of the pentomino shape normally associated with that letter. A Pentomino may contain 0, 1 or more given letter clues. Additionally, the given "e" must not belong to the L-Pentomino to its left, and has to be replaced by any of the other 11 Pentominoes.

Theme: Puzzle Fifty

Solution code: For each cell in the following rows, enter the letter for its Pentomino: Row 4, Row 7

Solved by moss, jessica6, sf2l, Joe Average, bob, r45, ibag, tuace, Luigi, derwolf23, zorant, pirx, marcmees, Zzzyxas, Matt, ManuH, jirk, ch1983, pokerke, AnnaTh, Joo M.Y, Mody, karzym, Nothere
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today, 08:22 by AnnaTh
Vielen Dank für die schönen Rätsel!

on 14. June 2019, 09:07 by tuace
Sehr hübsch. Auf die nächsten 50. :)

Last changed on 14. June 2019, 08:45

on 14. June 2019, 08:45 by ibag
Von mir auch herzlichen Dank! Ich freu mich schon auf die nächsten 50! ;-))

on 14. June 2019, 06:33 by r45
Glückwunsch und vielen Dank für die schönen Rätsel.

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