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Sudoku Variants Series (041) - Thermometer

(Published on 9. September 2014, 00:00 by Richard)

For this Sudoku Variants Project I have planned to publish a different Sudoku variant every Tuesday. I will see how long it takes before I am running out of ideas.

Thermometer Sudoku
Place the digits from 1 tot 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block. The digits in each thermometer-shaped region should be in increasing order, from the bulb to the end.

This puzzle can be solved without any T&E, but contains a few interesting steps.

Solution code: Column 1, followed by column 4.

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Solved by fridgrer, Fred76, pin7guin, deu, flaemmchen, zorant, PRW, 111chrisi, saskia-daniela, Thomster, Senior, zuzanina, Zzzyxas, Statistica, ch1983, r45, KlausRG, RALehrer, Alex, Toastbrot, kishy72, Babsi, ... pokerke, Gently, Nothere, rcg, Krokofant, RobertBe, EKBM, sojaboon, swotty, uvo, martin1456, Faxi, ohm0123, MaM, Semax, Saskia, moss, jirk, Julianl, Kwaka, adam001, Gyuszi13, skywalker, Bramme
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on 13. March 2017, 22:17 by Semax
Unglaublich gut! Wer durchhält, es logisch zu lösen, wird belohnt.

on 18. October 2014, 10:09 by JonaS2010
Super!! Sehr Sehr schönes Rätsel!

on 17. October 2014, 15:20 by Richard
@Jonas2010: wiederholen is nicht erlaubt. Viel erfolg!

on 17. October 2014, 15:10 by JonaS2010
Bedeutet aufsteigend sortiert strikt aufsteigend, oder ist es auch möglich, dass sich Zahlen wiederholen?

on 17. September 2014, 07:04 by Richard
@Hasenvogel and others: The logic in this puzzle has everything to do with the shapes and positioning of the thermometers. For learning purposes I have written the first half of the solving path in a hidden comment. When I look to the (beauty)rating of this puzzle, I guess a lot of players have used T&E, which is a pity.

on 16. September 2014, 08:39 by Hasenvogel
Einmal habe ich eine Fallunterscheidung benötigt.
Der rein logische Weg hat sich mir leider nicht offenbart.

on 15. September 2014, 08:29 by ibag
Tatsächlich ziemlich trickreich!

on 12. September 2014, 17:54 by Ours brun

on 9. September 2014, 15:24 by Statistica
Logisch lösbar, aber sehr schwierig. Für mich vier Schwierigkeitssterne.

Rating:88 %
Solved:90 times
Observed:1 times

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