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Sudoku Variants Series (039) - Fortress

(Published on 26. August 2014, 00:00 by Richard)

For this Sudoku Variants Project I have planned to publish a different Sudoku variant every Tuesday. I will see how long it takes before I am running out of ideas.

Place the digits from 1 tot 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block. The digit in each grey cell is larger than any of the digits in its horizontally or vertically adjacent white cells.

Solution code: Row 5, followed by column 5.

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on 2. June 2016, 05:52 by ohm0123
Good. Thanks.

on 26. August 2014, 16:48 by flaemmchen
Ich auch :-))

on 26. August 2014, 16:12 by AnnaTh
Da kann ich mich Claudia nur anschließen :-)

on 26. August 2014, 16:03 by pin7guin
Lieber Richard, ich freue mich über jedes Deiner Rätsel, und hoffe, dass Du noch viele Ideen für neue Rätsel und für spannende Varianten hast.

on 26. August 2014, 14:28 by Richard
@Eisbär: not really, although that song crossed my mind multiple times while I was busy with this puzzle. It is a type that exists already for a longer time, and I used it before in my '5-years-portal-anniversary-puzzle' too (id: 0001T3). But that puzzle is still on your list of unsolved puzzles. :-)

on 26. August 2014, 14:22 by Eisbär
Inspired by Dream Theater's "The shattered fortress"? :-D

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