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Sudoku Variants Series (037) - X-Sums

(Published on 12. August 2014, 00:00 by Richard)

For this Sudoku Variants Project I have planned to publish a different Sudoku variant every Tuesday. I will see how long it takes before I am running out of ideas.

Place the digits from 1 tot 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block. Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the first X digits in the corresponding direction. X is the first digit in the corresponding direction.

Solution code: Row 4, followed by row 6.

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on 1. June 2016, 06:39 by ohm0123
Thank you. Richard.

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on 13. August 2014, 12:57 by Eisbär
One of the "smoothiest" SVS-puzzles I solved so far... thank you Richard!

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