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Sudoku Variants Series (008) - Trio Sudoku

(Published on 21. January 2014, 00:00 by Richard)

For this Sudoku Variants Project I have planned to publish a different Sudoku variant every Tuesday. I will see how long it takes before I am running out of ideas.

Trio Sudoku
Apply classic sudoku rules. Cells with circles must contain the digits 1, 2 and 3. Cells with squares must contain the digits 4, 5 and 6. Blank cells must contain the digits 7, 8 and 9.

Because this puzzle type contains in fact three small sudokus that can be solved independent of each other, this type is very much suitable for people starting to solve sudoku variants. But in this case I applied some techniques that I don’t use very often. Two of the trio’s can be solved by using those techniques. For learning purposes I have written these techniques in a hidden comment.

Solution code: Row 5, followed by row 9.

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on 10. May 2016, 16:37 by ohm0123
This sudoku thought easy. But did not easy solved.

on 22. March 2014, 03:02 by RALehrer
It's probably due to the fact that it encourages guessing. You may want to put the sentence "This can be solved without T&E" in the description because of that. Or something even stronger.

on 3. February 2014, 11:54 by Luigi
Hi Richard,

on 3. February 2014, 09:58 by Richard
Welcome back Luigi!

on 24. January 2014, 07:27 by Semax
Exactly what rob said.

Before starting to solve this puzzle, I know I have to solve three times the same kind of puzzle to actually finish only one puzzle. And all three times it's a 9x9 sized puzzle with only 27 used places. If the logic is easy, then it's just like any other easy puzzle, except it's too confusing to always find the 27 cells in the 9x9 grid (-> so it's worse than a normal easy puzzle). If the logic is hard, then it's faster to try something and fill in all 27 digits and search a contradiction. So, it's more like a arranging-puzzle than a logic puzzle.

To sum it up: I also don't like this type, but it's cool to see an example with only 6 givens, that's why I give 5 stars. And I also like your explanation very much (for that alone I would give 5 stars).

on 22. January 2014, 21:27 by rob
Personally, I'm not particularly fond of Trio Sudoku, since the variation just breaks the puzzle down into three independent puzzles (similar to those fully clued odd/even sudokus). And then, the individual puzzles either become trivial, or they're difficult and restricted enough to encourage guessing. I had the latter experience here, but now I'll have to try to follow your helpful hidden comment.

on 21. January 2014, 22:09 by Richard
@Hasenvogel: after you have solved the puzzle you can view 'versteckte Kommentare'.

on 21. January 2014, 22:08 by Hasenvogel
wie sehe ich denn versteckte Kommentare?

on 21. January 2014, 20:17 by r45
Gar nichts hast Du übersehen. Das Rästel ist toll konstruiert und die wenigen Vorgaben sind sensationell (selbst für diese Variante). Vielen Dank auch für den verdeckten Lösungshinweis.

Ich glaube, die Variante "Trio" gehört nicht unbedingt zu den Favoriten bei den Lösern. Zumindest ist dies bei mir so. Das habe ich aber nicht bewertet.

on 21. January 2014, 19:29 by Richard
I have asked more often for some feedback on my puzzles; it is hardly given. This puzzle is a good example of me being puzzled:
Actually I was pretty proud to have created a puzzle of this type with only six given digits, placed in a very nice aesthetical way, being not very hard, but still containing a few interesting steps.
To my absolute surprise, it is one of my worst rated puzzles ever. Is there one of the solvers who can explain this to me? Just for learning purposes for me. What did I miss?

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