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Sudoku Variants Series (007) - Consecutive Circles

(Published on 14. January 2014, 00:00 by Richard)

For this Sudoku Variants Project I have planned to publish a different Sudoku variant every Tuesday. I will see how long it takes before I am running out of ideas.

Consecutive Circles
Apply classic sudoku rules. Digits on the grey circles are all different and they form a strictly increasing sequence with differences of 1. The order of any sequence can be clockwise or anticlockwise. It is part of the puzzle to find out the start and end of the sequence.



Solution code: Row 4, followed by column 6.

Last changed on on 5. September 2014, 06:05

Solved by Ute2, Eisbär, NikolaZ, saskia-daniela, RALehrer, lutzreimer, flaemmchen, derwolf23, Rollie, Katrin K, adam001, zuzanina, pin7guin, r45, zorant, deu, AnnaTh, KlausRG, sandmoppe, Rollo, PRW, Alex, ... Kekes, martin1456, Realshaggy, koesti, ohm0123, Oskama, azalozni, jirk, MaM, Matt, AndreasS, jessica6, Julianl, Kwaka, Maria90, Gyuszi13, 111chrisi, MagicMichi, skywalker, CSR94, amitsowani, Bramme
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on 18. July 2016, 14:57 by ohm0123
Good. Thanks.

on 5. September 2014, 06:05 by Richard
Improvement of instruction text. Thanks to Senor Dingdong

on 13. February 2014, 12:35 by Oliver Strauß
Now only 1 of your Thursday-series is left...

on 17. January 2014, 16:52 by tuace
Very nice idea.

on 14. January 2014, 17:36 by Mody
Hoffentlich dauert es lange, bis Dir die Ideen ausgehen :)

on 14. January 2014, 12:17 by r45
Schöne Variante, vielen Dank.

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