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Sudoku Variants Series (026) - Killer

(Published on 26. May 2014, 20:43 by Richard)

For this Sudoku Variants Project I have planned to publish a different Sudoku variant every Tuesday. I will see how long it takes before I am running out of ideas.

Killer Sudoku
Place the digits from 1 tot 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block. The small numbers in the dotted outlined areas are the sum of the digits in that area. Within a dotted outlined area all digits must be different.

Solution code: Row 1, followed by row 2.

Solved by Luigi, zorant, adam001, pokerke, Senior, deu, r45, Alex, Statistica, rimodech, ch1983, tuace, flaemmchen, Ifjutitan, ffricke, lutzreimer, matter, derwolf23, sternchen, ManuH, HaSe, AnnaTh, cornuto, ... HugoSimon, EKBM, rob, sojaboon, uvo, martin1456, Realshaggy, ohm0123, MaM, Semax, moss, azalozni, lubosh, jirk, Julianl, Kwaka, Gyuszi13, Teilzeitdenker, Mathi, skywalker, CSR94, Bramme, Matt
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on 26. May 2016, 05:47 by ohm0123
It's most always hard. But Killer sudoku is very nice.
Good. move 1:(5,5)

on 26. December 2014, 09:11 by Danielle
Sehr schön, wie es sich komplett logisch lösen läßt, obwohl es anfangs gar nicht danach aussieht. :o)

on 1. June 2014, 18:14 by ibag
Wow, das ist ja ein richtiges Kunstwerk!

on 27. May 2014, 12:04 by Ifjutitan
Nice killer. There was always at least one logical step. I have a feeling that there is only one way to start this puzzle. And finding the first N steps at the beginning took me too much time.

on 27. May 2014, 07:19 by r45

on 26. May 2014, 23:22 by Eisbär
Oh no... is it midnight already? :-)))

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