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Juni Domino Monat (3) - Domino Rundweg

(Published on 15. June 2012, 12:00 by Richard)

June Domino-month (3) - Domino Slitherlink

Draw a single closed loop along the dotted lines. The loop does not touch or cross itself. Digits represent the number of borders of a cell that are part of the loop.

Some of the clues are replaced by dominos. Place the dominos first in the grid before solving the loop puzzle. Where dominos touch each other, numbers on the dominos need to be the same.

Solution code: The sizes of the areas outside the loop, clockwise, starting top left of the grid.

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on 26. August 2013, 11:17 by AnnaTh

on 27. June 2012, 10:51 by CHalb
The concept of finding out some numbers in a slitherling is interesting. We hadn't that very often in the portal so far. Good puzzle!

on 15. June 2012, 16:15 by Statistica
Sehr hübsch, langsam habe ich Spaß an den Dominos.

on 15. June 2012, 16:13 by ibag
Damit sind die unter dem Diagramm aufgeführten Dominosteine gemeint.

on 15. June 2012, 15:59 by saskia-daniela
Ein schönes Rätsel, aber der Satz "Einige der Hinweise stehen AUßERHALB DES DIAGRAMMS in Gestalt des gegebenen Domino-Sets" ist ein copy-and paste-Fehler, oder?

on 15. June 2012, 06:28 by Richard
The idea for this puzzle comes from a slitherlink booklet written by Palmer Mebane. You can find it here: http://mellowmelon.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/puzzle-pack-1/
The only difference is that the domino tiles in his puzzles don't have to be placed with same numbers touching each other.

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dominosearch fences (slither link) variant of a standard puzzle

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